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The Death of Multiculturalism and the Life of the Mediterranean

Marita Brčić Kuljiš orcid id ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet, Poljička cesta 35, HR–21000 Split

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The failure of multiculturalism has been talked about for quite some time now. Moreover, the statements of leading European politicians have confirmed what was suspected. When this becomes the view of the member states of the community that advocates “equality in diversity” in its essential documents, it becomes worrying. As the antithesis to the failure, or death, of multiculturalism, we place the life of the Mediterranean for many reasons. The first reason is that multiculturalism is connected with the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is multicultural in itself, and it is the root of cultural pluralism in Western Europe. The second reason is the M0editerranean route by which a large number of immigrants are trying to reach the European Union, in times when member states have declared the failure of multiculturalism. The relationship between the European Union and the Mediterranean is historically profoundly complex. Deeply connected and deeply separated. In this paper, we will touch only on a fraction of this complicated relationship.

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European Union, multiculturalism, multicultural, Mediterranean, death of multiculturalism, politics of multiculturalism

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