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Object-Oriented Ontology of Play

Matija Vigato ; Vukovarska ulica 2F ,HR–23000 Zadar

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In this paper, object-oriented ontology (OOO) is attempted to be applied to play. First, from the anti-reductionist approach of OOO, some former interpretations of play in science and philosophy are reviewed. Then, because of the conceptual similarities of art and play, the already existing OOO of art is consulted. Based on the works from the field of Human-computer interaction, Graham Harman’s theatrical interpretation of a metaphor, and Eugen Fink’s interpretation of the play, who sees it as a mixture of Being and illusion, play is analysed in the end as (1) a speculative “I”, (2) tension between a real object and sensual qualities, and (3) an interrelationship of elements of the quadruple object. In the pursuit of the link between play, art, philosophy, metaphor, and theatricality, a search as an answer to the encounter with the mixture of Being and illusion is recognised.

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object-oriented ontology, ontology of play, ontology of art, object, play, art, philosophy, Graham Harman

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