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Anniversaries of Croatian Metallurgy

Ilija Mamuzić orcid id ; Croatian Metallurgical Society, Berislavićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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The goal of this work is to give an overview in future tense Monograph „Anniversaries of Croatian Metallurgy“: - The Foundation and Development of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) from the Society of Engineers and Technicians of Steelwork Sisak (SETSS /1952-2022), with achievements and activities - The Development of metallurgy in the world whose beginnings date 7 000 years also 6 000 y metallurgy on the territory of today Croatia: Vučedol, Celtic and Roman, after with the arrival of Croatia to this territory. History of metallurgy, achievements and the destructions (1990-2012). It have also several press notices to the public information in order to sustain and revitalize the Croatian metallurgy (X Supplements) - Sixty years of the Foundation and Development of University studies of metallurgy in Sisak (1960-2020). From Metallurgical Dep. of Technological Faculty Zagreb, reorganizations in 1974, 1979, 1991 y till status of Metallurgical Faculty (MF) with incorporation in University of Zagreb. By results and difficulties during 60 years, gave citations Author´s works about MF, and parts of them also as whole texts (XV Supplements). - Sixty years of the publishing of the Metalurgija Journal (1962 – 2022), with print: 199 issues (238 Numbers), published 2721 Scientific (and Technical) papers, 287 contributions, a total of 3008 works, from 3575 Authors and Co-authors. Separately published from 14 Symposiums „Materials and metallurgy“ of Croatian Metallurgical Society (14 Editorial Books), „Book of Abstracts“ – 6009 Abstracts from approx. 10 000 Authors / Coauthors – Bibliography 1962-2022.

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metallurgy; society; journal; history; University studies

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