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Dogma and Creativity: A Contribution to the Evaluation of Grlić’s Critique of Dogmatism

Slađana Kavarić Mandić orcid id ; Goričani bb, Golubovci, ME–81000 Podgorica

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The paper deals with basic characteristics of dogmatic thinking, taking into consideration especially the relation towards the creative essence of the human being. Discussing the development of human being and its (self)perception in the conditions of desirable uniformity and limited freedom, the paper strives to point at the inevitability of continuous overcoming of given possibility and point out the meaning of candid, antidogmatic practices aimed at making the humanistic philosophy come to be. Referring to the basic assumptions of Danko Grlić’s philosophy, the work examines the implications of Marx’s political instrumentalisation, draws attention to the one-dimensionality of dogmatic thinking and emphasises the antidogmatic nature of original Marxism.

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Danko Grlić; Karl Marx; Marxism; dogma; creativity; humanism

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