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Man, Environment, Natural Phenomena and the Plague in Slavonia and Syrmia during the XVIII Century

Veljko Maksić

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Slavonia and Syrmia, as border areas, of the Danube Monarchy were throughout the 18th century exposed to the threat not only of the Ottoman Empire but also of the inroads of the plague through the cordon sanitaire. Although the plague did appear several times in the immediate vicinity of Slavonia and Syrmia, it did not always cross the state border. However, despite all measures, during the 18th century the infectious disease found its way to the Slavonian-Syrmian area. Hence, the question arises as to what conditions had to prevail for the plague to appear and spread within a certain area. The aim of the paper is to describe the conditions in the Slavonian-Syrmian area in which the plague appeared during the epidemics in Erdelj and Irig. Because herd immunity plays a significant role in the development of an epidemic, this paper first provides a short review on the immunity of the Slavonians and Syrmians, followed by a review of the mortality related to gender. Immunity is the result of numerous factors, among others, of diet and famine; in this paper particular attention has been paid to these two factors. The development of bacteria and their vectors requires certain environmental conditions, which are discussed in the chapters Weather Conditions and Human Environment. The vectors play a significant role in the spreading of an epidemic; hence, particular attention has been paid to animals in relation to the plague. In view of the fact that numerous contemporaries referred to the correlation between the plague and the earthquake, a special review of these two factors in Slavonia and Syrmia during the 18th century has been provided.

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famine; immunity; plague; earthquake; Slavonia; Syrmia; 18th century

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