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Mijat Stojanović – From a Naughty Pupil to a Prominent Educationist and Popular Writer of the 19th Century

Vlasta Švoger orcid id ; Hrvatski institut za povijest

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This paper presents the public work of Mijat Stojanović (1818-1881), one of the most prominent Croatian popular writers, teachers and educationists of the 19th century. During his two-year formal education, he evolved from one of the poorest pupils to the best pupil in his class. Subsequently, thanks to his extraordinary self-discipline, motivation and self-education, he gradually progressed from auxiliary teacher to district school inspector. Very early on, he recognised the major role of the teacher in society and directed his own life-long learning towards professional development and acquisition of more knowledge from foreign and domestic literature. He presented the knowledge not only in the classroom and at teacher meetings, but also in many articles published in political papers and professional magazines. He wrote about the role of school in society, dwelt upon various educational issues, gave practical advice on the economy and politics. He was most active in political life during the revolutionary years 1848-1849 when he was elected Member of Croatian Parliament. He wrote a larger number of popular books, school textbooks and translated a number of educational handbooks written by prominent foreign educationists. Through his public activities he considerably contributed to the transfer of ideas and knowledge from other European countries and their reception in Croatia in the political and educational fields.

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Mijat Stojanović; history of schooling; transfer of ideas and knowledge; educational activity; nonfiction writing; 19th century; Croatia

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