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New glass finds from the cargo of the ship Gagliana grossa, sunk near the islet of Gnalić in 1583

Ines Šelendić orcid id ; Arheološki muzej Zadar, Zadar, Hrvatska
Irena Radić Rossi orcid id ; Odjel za arheologiju Sveučilišta u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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A Venetian merchant ship loaded with various cargo sank off the islet of Gnalić in late October or early November 1583. As confirmed by archaeological and historical research, the ship’s cargo consisted of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, intended for the Constantinople market and the sultan’s court. Among the finished products, a large amount of glass objects stands out. It is divided into two main groups: hollow and flat glass. The first group includes various forms of tableware, food and beverage containers and glass beads, while the second group includes window panes and mirror glasses. After the official discovery of the site in 1967, five rescue research campaigns were organized with the aim of salvaging the most valuable finds. After 1973, rescue research was briefly renewed in 1996. The systematic research, appropriate to the significance and condition of the site, begun just in 2012. The first systematization of glass was made by Sofia Petricioli and Astone Gasparetto. In 2004, Irena Lazar, Hugh Willmott and Caroline Jackson systematically processed the glass finds, in the framework of the international project The Heritage of the Serenissima. During the 2012–2020 research, focused mainly on the detection and documentation of ship hull, thousands of fragments of glass objects were recovered. Although in most cases these are examples of tableware and flat glass, which completely fit into the hitherto proposed typology of glass finds from the ship’s cargo, in some cases certain differences were noticed. This paper presents new finds that supplement previous knowledge or indicate the possibility of different interpretation of previous finds.

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glass; ship; shipwreck; Gnalić; Gagliana grossa; Late Renaissance; maritime trade

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