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The content of the glagolitic missal of count Novak in the digital enviroment

Kristijan Kuhar orcid id ; Staroslavenski institut Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Silvio Košćak orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Erich Renhart ; Vestigia - Centar za istraživanje rukopisa Sveučilišta u Grazu, Graz, Austrija

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The Missal of Count Novak (1368) is the oldest dated missal according to the use of the Roman Court written in Glagolitic script and the Croatian Church Slavonic language. This missal has been subjected to scientific research by a group of Croatian and Austrian scientists due to its great value, arising from the fact it has survived in excellent condition since 1368, as well as the fact it was used as the template for the first Croatian printed missal.
This paper presents the ground research of the Missal of Count Novak that is necessary for the TEI processing of the content of the current Missal so it could be accessible to the broader scientific and academic community. The scope of our research is the structure of the content of the Missal, its liturgical and textological ensemble that will be the subject of the further research. The first part of the research will provide an overview of the history and content of the first Roman-rite missal, and then of the Missal of Count Novak. It will then provide an insight into liturgical terminology, which will serve as the foundation for further digital research and analysis. This research establishes methodology for a modern approach to researching Glagolitic missals in the modern, digital humanities.

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Croatian Glagolitic missals; Roman-rite missal; liturgy; digital humanities; Church Slavonic language; TEI

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