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The impact of intrapreneurship strategy on business performances of Italian companies

Vojislav Babić
Siniša Zarić
Rossana Piccolo

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Intrapreneurship is a decentralized management strategy applied in large and medium-sized companies. The strategy enables employees to use their entrepreneurial skills for the benefit of both the company and the employee. Talented employees get the opportunity to create ideas, undertake innovative ventures, to experiment, to gain access to financial resources and other resources in order to encourage innovative change and results. The creator of the idea was the Pinchot couple in 1978, but to this day the concept has undergone several evolutionary waves (Antoncic, 2020). The intrapreneurship strategy positively affects the agility in the company, raises efficiency, has a positive effect on team spirit, increases productivity, reduces costs and raises profitability. The main goal of the paper is to analyze the level of intrapreneurship presence in large and medium-sized companies in the Italian region of Campania. The influence of intrapreneurship parameters on companies' business indicators is also measured. An instrument for measuring intrapreneurship was created for the needs of paper. The instrument measures the presence of autonomous teams in the company, the possibility of taking business initiative, speed of access to resources for testing purposes and realization of new business ideas, encouraging risk with the aim of realizing business ideas, mobility of resources within the company, the degree of management tolerance in order to realize new business ideas of employees, the presence of rewards, the level of management support at all levels, the number of hierarchical levels in the company and the role of crowdsourcing in the development of internal entrepreneurship. After factor and regression analysis, Factor 1 has a dominant impact on all three business indicators, while Factor 2 has a smaller but statistically significant impact on the company's volume of business and investments.

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intrapreneurship, companies, Italy, Campania, business performances

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