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Application of spatial- and diachronic-process analysis of landscape development in Central Lika, Croatia from 1980 to 2012

Marta Hamzić ; Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., Zagreb, Hrvatska
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Geografski odsjek, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper presents structural features and the process and intensity of landscape changes in the Central Lika Region of Croatia, in the transitional, post-socialist and post-war periods (1980–2012). The aim of this paper is to analyse regularities and interrelations between the changes in structural features and the intensity of the processes that cause change. By using GIS spatial analysis methods, the shape, position, and condition of landscape patches were defined for each year. The diachronic process analysis, with the application of a specially-developed index — the Landscape Development Index (di) — made it possible to determine the intensity of development of individual landscape elements. The landscape was observed using the concept of Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) and, for this purpose, data from the CORINE Land Cover database were used for 1980 and 2012. The results showed fragmentation and an increase in the number and complexity of patches, as well as a decrease of the core patch area. Consequently, the increase of the share of edge areas has increased vulnerability to external influences and changes. Applying the Landscape Development Index (di) showed advantages compared to a standard comparison of the two conditions or synthetic indices, enabling the intensity of each observed phenomenon/process to be determined, and allowing for deeper spatial and temporal analysis as well as better understanding of landscape development.

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landscape change, landscape structure, diachronicprocess analysis, temporal analysis, landscape vulnerability, Central Lika, Landscape Development Index (di)

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