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Non-metric dental trait variation among Western Siberian forest-steppe populations in the Great Migration period

Anastasiia V. Sleptsova

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Transition period from the Early Iron Age to the middle Ages in Western Siberian forest-steppe zone is known as Great Migration period. During this period the disintegration of the centralized early state Sargat community and the formation of new cultures are observed on the territory of Western Siberia. The main goal of this study was to find biological affinities between Early Iron Age (5th c BC – 3rd c AD) and Great Migration period (3rd – 6th cc AD) populations of Western Siberian forest-steppe zone using dental non-metric traits. The frequencies of thirty traits were observed using ASUDAS (and A.A. Zubov’s program). The study was based on the dental remains of 49 individuals from four Great Migration period burial grounds (Ustyug-1, Kozlov Mis, Revda-5, Ipkul) located in Tobol River region of Western Siberia and associated with Bakal culture. For comparison were observed 424 individuals of Sargat culture (Early Iron Age) from the burial sites located in the area between the Tobol, Irtysh, and Ishim rivers including the Baraba forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia. Biological affinities between Early Iron Age Sagrat culture samples (5th c BC – 3rd c AD) and Great Migration period group were examined with MMD and Ghi-squarted test (χ2). Besides Sargat culture samples, 28 Early Iron Age dental samples from different region of Eurasia were compared with principal component analysis. As a result, it was established the Sargat population (especially from Tobol river region and Baraba forest-steppe zone) became a basis for the formation of the Great Migration period and Early Medieval tribes of Lower Tobol river region of Western Siberia.

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Western Siberia, Early Iron Age, Great Migration period, dental non-metric traits, ASUDAS

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