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Paleopathological and traumatic changes on the mandible of the skeleton found at the Bijela - St. Margaret site

Tin Crnić
Andrej Janeš
Željka Bedić orcid id

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The Anthropological Center of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts received human bone remains from the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period site of Bijela - St. Margaret derived from research conducted in 2019. The human remains found in grave number 22 caught the attention due to the atypical position of a male aged between 40 and 50 years at the time of death and trauma visible on the anterior region of the mandibular bone. In the same region pathological changes were also visible microscopically and on the X-Ray scan. In this case report the description of the changes on the mandibular bone and the possible etiology is presented.

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burial, incision, mandible, paleopathology, trauma

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