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Stigma – theatre, a place above stigmatization

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Renato Matić ; Hrvatski studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Stigmatization of individual or group social actors not only directly reduces their life chances
and affects their life quality but also generates and justifies discrimination practices
and conflicts between groups, nations, races and cultures. Bearing this in mind, sociology
shouldn’t stop at registering, cathegorizing, analysing and closing the phenomenon of
stigmatization. It is essential to move on: sociology should take an active part in educating
those who stigmatize; it should also help in education and therapy of those who are stigmatized.
This paper shows one way of achieving this goal. It shows the multiple potential of
close links between sociology and theatre in trying to find a pragmatic and active solution
to the problem of stigmatization.

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stigma, stigmatization, social education, real life situations, analysis of dramaturgy, theatre

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