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Constructive Improvements in the In-Ladle Treatments - A Comparative Industrial Study

Imre Kiss orcid id ; University Politehnica Timisoara, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, Department of Engineering and Management 5, Revolutiei, 331128 - Hunedoara, Romania

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Nodular gray cast iron having properties superior to conventional gray cast iron can be produced by treating the molten iron so that, when cast, the graphite will be compacted rather than in flake form. One such treatment involves the introduction of magnesium (Mg) into a molten iron bath of such composition. It is the principal object of the present industrial experiments to provide an improved process for the ductile cast iron production. Another object is to provide a process which permits the efficient use of the nodulizing agents, which results in the efficient production of an improved homogeneous nodular cast iron. Essentially such treatments result in the retention by the cast iron of small amounts of nodulizing agents, for example magnesium (Mg). Conventionally these agents are added to cast iron, usually in the form of pre-alloys and the efficiency of the process is illustrated by the high assimilation of the added nodulizer’s constituents. Another object of this technological practice is to provide an improved method for introducing the nodulizing agents, using constructive improvements to the in-ladle equipment. Finding magnesium (Mg) using novel techniques is the first step to advance the understanding of the role of magnesium (Mg) in the formation of the nodular graphite, the mechanism behind nodular graphite formation due to the addition of Magnesium (Mg) being still relative unclear at present time. Moreover, this may advance new methods to improve the nodulizing treatment process. This study take into account the flexibility of the used technique, which describes the elasticity of the treatment process, by improvement or alternative to the existing one. As nodulizing agents magnesium-ferrosilicon (Fe-Si-Mg type) and cerium-magnesium-ferrosilicon (Nodulin type) are examples of materials containing nodulizing agents that have given excellent results in the mixture. This experiments relates to a process for the production of ductile iron (nodular gray cast iron) and particularly to a process for adding magnesium (Mg) to the melted iron.

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assimilation degrees, constructive improvements, ductile cast iron (nodular graphite iron), in-ladle treatments, magnesium (Mg), nodulizing agents, silicon-based pre-alloys

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