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Meeting the spiritual needs of a dying person

Ivan Platovnjak orcid id ; Sveučilište u Ljubljani, Teološki fakultet, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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Most palliative care research confirms that spirituality has an important role and thus it is necessary to pay attention to the spiritual needs of dying even more. In this article, the author briefly presents the relationship between religion and spirituality, the meaning of different types of spirituality, and how everyone can live their own form of spirituality, as spirituality is a part of their life that they have chosen freely and consciously. In the following, he explores how understanding the spiritual needs of the dying person depends on understanding spirituality and its impact on human life, especially on health. In the last part, he presents the fundamental spiritual needs for anyone who wishes to pay attention to a dying man in the most integral way possible.

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Palliative Care; Religion; Spirituality; Spiritual Needs of a Dying Person; Types of Spirituality

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