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Identification and Analysis of cDNAs Encoding Two Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinases (NDPK/Nm23) from the Marine Sponge Suberites domuncula

Matija Harcet
Lada Lukić-Bilela
Helena Ćetković
Werner E. G. Müller
Vera Gamulin

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str. 343-348

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Suberites domuncula is a member of the most ancient and simplest extant phylum of multicellular animals – sponges (Porifera). A database of S. domuncula expressed sequence tags (ESTs) was recently constructed by random cDNA sequencing. Two NDPK/Nm23 proteins from the sponge Suberites domuncula are reported here. Sponge proteins were named Nm23-SD1 and Nm23-SD6, because they display the highest sequence similarity with human Nm23-H1 and -H6 proteins. Overall sequence conservation of Nm23-SD1 with human Nm23-H1 is very high – 79 % (71 % identical amino acids). Nm23-SD6 possesses an insertion at the C-terminus and displays 55 % overall homology (40 % identical amino acids) with human Nm23 H6. Secondary structure predictions for both sponge and human Nm23 protein pairs are almost identical. S. domuncula Nm23 proteins display high similarity to homologues from mammals/humans, higher than to e.g. NDPK/Nm23 proteins from Drosophila or other invertebrates. Sponge Nm23 proteins are more similar to mammalian/human Nm23 proteins than most known Nm23 proteins of invertebrates.

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antimetastatic proteins; nucleoside diphosphate kinases; sponge cDNA library; Porifera

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