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Two 17th century Czech translations of the Institutiones written by Marko Marulić: description and comparison

Martina Kramarić ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In this article, we have presented the two 17th century Czech translations of the Marulić’s Institutiones. The first one is only a partial translation, made by the Czech well-known writer and poem Šimon Lomnický z Budče. His translation consists of only a few chapters from the 5th book and it was printed and published in 1621 under the title Cesta do nebe. His translation corresponds with the actual social and political events in the Czech Republic in those times, the Second Defenestration of Prague 1618, which led to the Thirty Years’ War and its first Battle of White Mountain 1620, in which Protestants and Catholics were confronted. Under these circumstances, Šimon Lomnický z Budče translates Marulić’s Institutiones and dedicates his translation to one of the people that were defenestrated, to Vilém Slavata, and picks the chapters from the Institutiones, which speak about martyrdom and patience. Šimon Lomnický z Budče is a highly engaged Catholic writer and he translates the Marulić’s Institutiones in order to give comfort and strength through the examples from the Institutiones to the Czech Catholics. The second translation called Historiae aneb Kniha o ustanovení a řízení pobožného života was made by an anonymous author at the same time as the first one from 1620 to 1622. It was not printed and published, but we suppose that the whole of Marulić’s work was translated. The saved manuscript lacks 48 pages from the original translation, which were probably lost during bookbinding. The only information about the translation were written on the 217th page of the manuscript in a special note, which reveals the time and the place of translation (Altötting in Germany) and the fact that the translation was made according to the Latin edition of Institutiones from Antwerpen made in 1593 and some unknown German translation. The translation was made probably as the sketch for the printed edition and it is interesting in the sense of the ongoing censure of the Marulić’s Institutiones. This translation consists of parts of the work which were censored in the German translation, and those parts were clearly marked by the translator. Although the translation was made at the same time as the first Czech partial translation, it does not correspond with the political events in the Czech Republic and in its foreword, only the general human and Christian messages were mentioned. Those two translations are not comparable but they testify the rich reception of Marulić’s works in the Czech Republic after the big censure of Marulić’s works in the 16th century.

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the reception of the Marulić’s works in the Czech Republic in the 17th century, Czech translations of the Marulić’s works in the 17th century, Cesta do nebe, Historiae aneb Kniha o ustanovení a řízení pobožného života, De institutione bene vivendi per exempla sanctorum, Šimon Lomnický z Budče, Czech manuscript translation, Czech language

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