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Where Did the Roma Go? Reflection on the First Results of the 2021 Census on the Example of Comparing the Natural and Total Population Trends of the Roma Settlements of Parag and Piškorovec in Međimurje County

Hrvoje Šlezak orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Učiteljski fakultet, Odsjek u Čakovcu, Hrvatska

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str. 341-356

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The first results of the 2021 census provide data on the number of households, the number of
dwellings, the number of enumerated persons and the number of inhabitants at the settlement
level. Comparing the data for the Roma settlements of Parag and Piškorovec in Međimurje
County with the data from the previous census, a significant increase in their population is
observed. However, when the data of the natural growth of the population in these settlements
are taken into account, it is concluded that the census recorded much fewer inhabitants than
expected. In response to the question of why the census recorded fewer residents than expected,
two conclusions are possible. The first conclusion is that not all residents were enumerated in
the above-mentioned settlements during the census. The second conclusion indicates possible
significant changes in the migration characteristics of the Roma population, i.e. the emergence
of intensive emigration from the largest Roma settlements.

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Međimurje; Roma; census; birth rate; migration

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