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Development of the Television Market

Damir Matković ; novinar HRT-a

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Croatia is slow in moving towards television pluralism, owing, among other things, to
the constrained size of the domestic market. The development of a stable public and
private broadcasting system is taking place in a situation in which Croatian Television
is by far the most dominant medium. According to some estimates, it receives about
80 per cent of the total advertising budgets, with all the rest of the Croatian media
taking only 20 per cent. Also, Croatian Television is the main source of information
for adult Croats in 80 per cent of the cases. The former authoritarian government held
that it was in the national interest to keep the public numerically as large as possible,
and unfragmented. The present government faces the challenge of a new media strategy,
which should not ignore the importance of digitization and the creation of a cable
network for the formation of a Croatian media market.

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