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Additional Remarks on the Fortification Structure of “Strada del Soccorso” in Šibenik

Ivo Glavaš ; Konzervatorski odjel u Šibeniku, Ministarstvo kulture

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The paper focuses on the medieval Venetian fortification structure known under the historical name of 'strada del soccorso', which was used to provide military assistance to the Šibenik castle of St Michael and possibly to recapture the castle from the enemy. The 'strada del soccorso' in Šibenik was built during the rule of Count Jacopo Pesaro (1423-1425) at the latest, in the form of two parallel ramparts, and descends from the castle vertically towards the coast. In scholarly literature, it has been mistakenly referred to as the “double rampart,” but there is no historical justification for it in the sources, because the correct translation is “assistance route.” The 'strada del soccorso' in Šibenik is almost thirty years older than its description in Alberti’s treatise, and about sixty years older than that by Francesco di Giorgio. A comparable example is the 'strada del soccorso' in the castle of Brescia, which underwent structural changes in the first half of the 16 th century. A detailed description and function of the Brescian example has been supplied by the military engineer Bonaiuto Lorini, who is an authentic source for understanding this issue, since he participated in the reinforcement of the castle at the end of the 16 th century.

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strada del soccorso; double rampart; castle of St Michael; fortification structure; treatise authors; Brescia; Bonaiuto Lorini

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