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Targeted programme state funding for Olympic candidates in the Republic of Croatia

Evica Obadić ; Hrvatski olimpijski odbor
Sanela Škorić ; Kineziološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The aim of this paper is to determine the connection between the amount of state funds invested by the Republic of Croatia via Croatian Olympic committee during four Olympic cycles in Croatian athletes (Olympic candidates) and achieved success of these athletes at Olympic games. The research encompassed period from 2001 until 2016 and included 33 summer Olympic sports (24 individual and 9 team sports) whose activities were a part of targeted four-year Olympic programme financing scheme. Simple regression analysis were employed to determine the connection between three independent variables (the amount of support for Olympic programme, the number of athletes in Olympic programme and the amount of support for Regular NF/NAs programmes for administrative and material expenses) and one dependent variable (success at Olympic games). Achieved success was measured in pointes awarded for each achieved ranking from first to eight place. The results point to significant linear connection between all independent variables and achieved success at Olympic games (in points) as follows:
• the amount of support for Olympic programme (in Kuna’s) (RPCM=0.345, R2=0.690, p<0.001);
• number of athletes in Olympic programme (n) (RPCM=0.315, R2=0.630, p<0.001);
• the amount of support for Regular NF/NA’s programme for administrative and material expenses (in Kuna’s) (RPCM=0.191, R2=0.382, p<0.001)
The results lead to a conclusion that if Croatia wants to be a recognizable and successful sporting nation, it needs to significantly increase funding targeted for specific programmes.

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Olympic games, international sporting success, state funding

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