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Prehistoric finds from Sutikva hillfort in Solin

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Ivan Šuta orcid id ; Muzej grada Kaštela

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The archaeological site Sutikva is situated in the eastern part of the present day Solin, next o the large limestone rock by the road to the Mravinci village. This is a prehistoric archaeological site of the hillfort type. From the top of the rock possible is a fine visual control of the surrounding area and communications. Today, most part of the prehistoric site is destroyed, and a larger number of archaeological finds collected during various construction works in the area settlement is in the archaeological collection of Marko Matijević. Most part of the finds was collected in the 1990s, during the construction of the said road to Mravinci and widening of the Solin cemetery. In total, collected is around 15 kg of ceramic material, of which separated are 104 diagnostic fragments. Most of them are fragments of local ceramic pottery that can be dated to the Bronze or the Iron Ages. Represented are various variants of vessel types, dominated by pots, bowls, cups and pitchers. A larger part of the pottery is of fine quality, and of polished wall surfaces. The dominating decorations are plastic applications of tongue like and horseshoe like forms, applied plastic strips that may be decorated by impressing and cutting, and variations of warted protrusions.
A lesser part of the material found is imported pottery. Most part of this is material of the South Italic production, dominated by the workshops from the present day Apulia and the Greek colonies in South Italy. Besides the ceramic finds, found is also a lesser quantity of lithic artifacts. These are mostly manual millstones and grindstones. Chipped lithic finds are present as well. Considering all the treated material from Sutikva, there can be noted a significant similarity with the sites of the coastal Dalmatia and the offshore islands, from the period from the late Bronze Age till the early Iron Age. Lacking of finds dated around the 3rd ct. BC and later lead to the conclusion that Sutikva ceased being used as a settlement at that time, that could coincide with the beginnings of settling at the area where in the 2nd ct. BC Salona will be formed

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Sutikva; prehistoric hillfort; Bronze Age; Iron Age

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