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Two epigraphic fragments from a family house in the Ninčevići (Solin)

Dino Demicheli ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za arheologiju

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The article describes two fragments of epigraphic monuments found during the renovation of a family house in the Solin settlement Ninčevići. In addition to these two inscriptions, two more stone fragments were found that are not the subject of this discussion. It is a fragment of a stele from which very little can be discerned, while a fragment of a late antique sarcophagus is richer in data. A detailed linguistic analysis of the inscription was made, according to which it can be assumed that the sarcophagus was placed for two people, and a very interesting piece of information refers to the value expressed in gold that was invested in making or acquiring the sarcophagus. Of the sarcophagi known so far in Salona, those on which the price is stated could be obtained from 3 to 15 solidi. The
sarcophagus described here was acquired for 25 solidi, which is the highest price ever reported for Salonitan sarcophagi. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the price of some Late antique Salonitan examples must have been much higher if compared to those on which the information about how much they cost was engraved, only that this price was not stated. The fragment of the stele belongs to the period of the end of the 2nd or 3rd century, while the sarcophagus can be dated to the 4th century by all elements.

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Salona; spolia; Late antiquity; sarcophagus; solidi; fine

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