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Metamorphosis of power in international relations – China and economic interest

Ivor Altaras Penda ; Libertas međunarodno sveučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Igor Horvat ; Libertas međunarodno sveučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The aim of this paper is to analyse the types of power in international relations and to determine how these types change over time depending on external influences, based on the example of China. Furthermore, this paper aims to show how China uses certain types of power as an authoritarian political system led by the Communist Party of China, as well as to gain insight and explain why China relies on the use of sharp power and how everything is connected through a common denominator – economic interest. Authors also analyse if the political structure of China itself and the political structure of the West are China's advantage or disadvantage in terms of projecting its power (in any form) and, consequently, how that affects the global distribution of power. To this end, the paper gives an overview of the main types of power: hard, soft and sharp power, and gives an overview of typical power expanding strategies of China, with an emphasis on soft and sharp power. As an authoritarian state built on socialism with Chinese characteristics, China has been rapidly growing and developing over the last decades, with the economy becoming the main tool and goal of its actions. On the international scale, China is clearly expressing its ambitions and tendencies to take over the role of a leading geopolitical power. Its aim is to develop further by utilizing innovative ways of projecting its power using globalization, traditional elements (e.g. Sun Tzu's war strategy) and taking advantage of the asymmetry of political systems. Combined, these efforts open the door to redistribution of global geopolitical power.

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hard power; soft power; sharp power; power transformation; China; economic interest

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