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Positive Youth Development Assets as a Strength-Based Approach to Healthy Adolescents

Fatjona Hysi ; University of Tirana
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The theoretical approach of Positive Youth Development Assets focuses on developmental assets that play a crucial role in the understanding of the whole person. According to the ecological
approach of PYD, factors such as family support school climate, neighborhoods, communities, and the dispositions of adolescents to be more responsible, develop a sense of purpose, altruism, and commitment to education, are considered critical factors that help create a positive climate for adolescents to grow and flourish. This study aims to understand the role of the PYD framework in external and internal assets. This framework holistically saw adolescents, focusing on external and internal assets. External assets like Support, Empowerment, Boundaries, Expectations and Constructive Use of Time help adolescents create a climate that helps them feel supported and have a positive experience with people and other institutions. Internal assets are related to Commitment to learning, Positive values, Positive identity, and social competencies. According to the current theoretical perspectives, the PYD model seems to be a valid method to explore factors that affect the positive development of adolescents and an excellent approach to building intervention programs for them.

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Adolescents, internal assets, external assets, theoretical perspectives, review,

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