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Leisure Subject Activities and Their Influence on Students’ Motivation in Learning

Besa Havziu-Ismaili orcid id ; University of Tetova
Makfirete Ameti
Afërdita Iljazi-Hoxha
Ardita Kasami

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Based on the fact that students’ leisure activities enrich the forms of knowledge in school, we can say that their implementation by teachers has an effect on students’ internal motivation and social needs. Leisure subject activities are part of teaching techniques that teachers use to motivate students for learning, which is why they should be seen as a component part of the teaching process. In North Macedonia, there are limited data regarding leisure activities outside the teaching process; however, very little has been researched on subject’s leisure activities. For this reason, we carried out a research where the objective of our research was oriented towards the level of implementation of leisure classroom activities during the learning process, and its correlation with students' motivation in the learning progress, aged 6-11 years old. So, the main hypothesis of this research was: The inclusion of leisure subject activities in specific learning situations affects the motivation of students for learning. In accordance with defined objectives, survey and interview techniques were applied in the research with N=100 teachers and =100students. Results showed a confirmation of the hypothesis, respectively that there is a strong correlation of implementation of leisure classroom activities and increase in students’ motivation for learning. The results obtained should serve to identify and overcome shortcomings in the implementation of leisure classroom activities that simultaneously have a great impact in motivation learning development of students in primary education.

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Leisure classroom activities, students, teachers, primary education, motivation, learning development,

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