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Does green entrepreneurial behavior enhance through entrepreneurship education, perceivedability to use technology, and commitment to environment? Understanding the contribution of entrepreneurial motivation and university support

Yaofu Li
Nur Rasyidah Mohd Nordin
Shamim Akhter
Tribhuwan Kumar
Musarat Shaheen

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In a time of environmental destruction, global warming, and continuous
rise in the earth’s temperature, Green Entrepreneurship
has emerged as a potential solution through which ecological,
economic, and social sustainability can be attained. Hence the
current is operationalized in order to understand the contribution
of Entrepreneurial Motivation (MOT) and University Support (SUP)
in enhancing Green Entrepreneurial Behavior (BEH) powered by
Entrepreneurship Education (EDU), Perceived-ability to use
Technology (TEC), and Commitment to Environment (CMT). On
the dataset of 487 students from Chinese education institutions,
the application of PLS-SEM reported significant and positive associations
among the proposed hypotheses. Precisely, EDU, TEC,
and CMT are reported to enhance the level of SUP, MOT, and
BEH, whereas the role of SUP and MOT in enhancing BEH is also
reported. Based on the findings, there are different managerial
implications that the current study has proposed.

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Green entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial motivation, university support, green entrepreneurial behavior, entrepreneurship education, commitment to environment

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