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“The Spirit Does not Exalt, but Lacerates.” – E. M. Cioran’s Reception of Klages

Richard Reschika ; Schusterstraße 31, D-79098 Freiburg i. Br.

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E. M. Cioran (1911–1995), as a young Romanian Humboldt Foundation scholarship holder, had the opportunity to listen to a guest lecture by Ludwig Klages (1872–1956) at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin at the end of 1933. Klages’ philosophy of life, namely his biocentric metaphysics, as expressed above all in his recently published major work Der Geist als Widersacher der Seele (1929/1932), was to leave deep traces on Cioran. From then on, central Klagesian philosophical themes run like a red thread through Cioran’s oeuvre: from the demonic incursion of the spirit into life that took place in archaic times, and the associated emergence of painful, because isolating consciousness, to the development of rational-logical causal thinking and the emergence of the will, to human being’s mania for feasibility and progress, which, with the help of science and technology, inevitably leads to apocalyptic destruction. The exegetes of Cioran’s work have registered the general influence of Klages’s philosophy, but the extent and scope of this particular reception history have remained undiscovered until now.

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Ludwig Klages; Emil Michel Cioran; reception history; philosophy of life; spirit-life dualism; biocentric metaphysics; gnosticism; critique of technology; apocalyptic thinking

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