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New findings of Neanderthal artefacts in Croatia: the lithic assemblage from Malo polje-Krban, Trogir

Ivor Karavanić *
Marko Banda orcid id
Lujana Paraman orcid id

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The article provides the results of lithic analysis of the material
from the site of Malo polje-Krban, near Trogir. Among the approximately
six thousand lithic finds, geofacts predominate, but artefacts,
which have been studied in more detail, are also present.
The artefacts date mostly to the Middle Palaeolithic (centripetal
cores, scrapers), while those potentially dated to the Upper Palaeolithic
are rare. With regard to the other Middle Palaeolithic
finds and sites in the immediate and distant surroundings, this
site confirms the presence of Neanderthals in the vicinity of Trogir
and Kaštela, which is also the case in the wider Adriatic area.

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lithic analysis, Middle Palaeolithic, Malo polje-Krban, Croatia

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