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Public Sculptures of Petar Pallavicini in Dubrovnik

Sanja Žaja Vrbica orcid id ; Odjel za umjetnost i restauraciju Sveučilišta u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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Born in Korčula, Petar Pallavicini (1887-1958) spent most of his life in Belgrade, where, attracted by the professional prospects of the then capital, he decided to settle in 1921 after graduating from the Art Academy in Prague. It was in Belgrade that he produced a series of decorative sculptures and works in the style he himself characterised as “spiritualised cubism”. In Dubrovnik, where he enjoyed most of his summers, Pallavicini was commissioned to execute the monument to Baltazar Bogišić, erected in Cavtat in 1913, where it still stands. Less known, however, is Pallavicini’s decorative work in Dubrovnik. The building of the National Bank was constructed in 1935/36 in one of the main thoroughfares of Dubrovnik (today Ulica hrvatskih branitelja). Pallavicini’s four reliefs, allegories of the traditional Dubrovnik crafts, adorn the pointed lunettes. The figures depicted in the relief panels are static, contemplative and lightly draped, the latter being his frequent expression. Morphological characteristics of the works and an article published in the paper “Novo doba” point to Petar Pallavicini as the author of this public relief in Dubrovnik. A reason more why these sculptures deserve our attention is the fact that in this period the sculpture of Dubrovnik was very modest.
Between 1947 and 1949 Pallavicini was commissioned to decorate a headstone at Boninovo—Dubrovnik cemetry. He is the author of a bronze relief on the family grave of his friend, painter Niko Miljan. The relief with a motif of the Virgin with the Child reflects intimism, its religious theme being rare in the post-war sculpture dominated by socialist realism.

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Dubrovnik; Korčula; Petar Pallavicini; public sculptur

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