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Ectopic Lens Extraction in Children

V. Pfeifer
K. Morela

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Ectopia lentis continues to be a therapeutic challenge for ophthalmologists. It can occur
as an isolated condition, after ocular trauma, in association with other ocular disorders,
as part of a systemic mesodermal disease or as a complication of general metabolic
disorders. Minimal subluxation of the lens may cause no visual symptoms, but in more
advanced cases serious optical disturbances arise. The most important is amblyopia.
Surgical treatment options include iris manipulation, lens discission, aspiration, intracapsular
or extracapsular extraction, and pars plana lensectomy. The choice of surgical
technique remains controversial because of poor visual results and high rate of perioperative
complications, including vitreous loss and retinal detachment. We describe a
surgical technique based on the use of the Cionni endocapsular tension ring, dry irrigation
aspiration of lens material, centering of the capsular bag and foldable intraocular
lens implantation into the bag. Eight patients were surgically treated with this surgical
technique (4 boys and 4 girls, all together 11 eyes). The final BCVA after the follow-up
period improved in 9 patients and it remained the same as before operation in one patient.
Statistical comparison of preoperative and postoperative visual acuities showed
significant improvement. On the other hand, there was no correlation between preoperative
and postoperative visual acuity. This surgical procedure is an alternative approach
in solving the challenging cases of ectopia lentis with good postoperative visual rehabilitation.

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