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Severe Trichinellosis Cured with Pulse Doses of Glucocorticoids

B. Vojniković
N. Brnčić
G. Zamolo
R. Budiselić
S. Njirić
S. Novak

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str. 131-135

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Trichinellosis is a worldwide zoonotic disease caused by a nematode Trichinella spiralis.
We studied a case of Trichinella spiralis infection with severe eye involvement, febrile
condition, generalised malaise and muscular weakness in a young female patient.
Comprehensive ophthalmologic, infectologic, neurological and immunologic examinations
including electro diagnostic tests and CT scan of the head were performed, but the
diagnosis was confirmed only by histological examination of biopsy specimens of skeletal
muscle. The patient did not respond to standard corticosteroid therapy and improved
only after pulse doses of 1000 mg methylprednisolon. Although most authors recommend
moderately high doses of corticosteroids in the treatment of Trichinellosis, in
severe cases extremely high doses might be necessary.

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