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Sensformer: Powering the future with digitalized transformers

Amit Sherekar
Manan Pandya

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str. 78-86

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Transformer digitalization is a critical aspect of the development of a smart grid. Siemens Energy has developed a digital transformer solution called Sensformer, which integrates various sensors, communication interfaces, and data analytics capabilities into the transformer to enable advanced monitoring, diagnostics, and prediction capabilities. This article presents an overview of the Sensformer and its key features. It describes the installation and commissioning process of the Sensformer and the benefits of the technology in terms of improved reliability, efficiency, and safety of power systems. A case study is presented to demonstrate the features of the Sensformer in real-world applications, such as detecting hot spots in transformer windings, predicting transformer ageing, performing DGA and optimizing transformer loading based on real-time condition monitoring. The results show that the Sensformer can significantly enhance the performance and value of transformers and provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for grid digitalization.

Ključne riječi

Sensformer; digital twin; IoT-cloud; relative aging; digitalization

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