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Between the Image and Ideal. On the Realization of European Idea in 1988

Dario Vuger ; Muzej likovnih umjetnosti, Europska avenija 9, HR–31000 Osijek

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str. 353-366

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The author will look at aspects of thinking about the idea of Europe at the crossroads of the digital and post-digital epochs – through Edgar Morin’s text Thinking Europe and Guy Debord’s Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, published in the late 1980s, in an attempt to understand their fundamental positions and implicit views on how to approach and pursue something like the political and supranational union of European countries in parallel with the rapid development of digital technologies and new media, which fundamentally change our experience of the world. The very idea of a united Europe appears here as a Kantian “suspicious pleonasm”, whose value is questioned today, especially with the development of new global policies and post-cultural virtual environments that make – notions such as Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Western world – only artifacts of decadent Occidental cultures whose real ruins are overshadowed by an overly real spectacle of virtual abundance.

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world picture; theory of the spectacle; European Union; Edgar Morin; Guy Debord

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