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Elite in a micro area: Vinkovci in 1939-1945

Sandra Horvat

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Based on Michael Mann's typology of elites, the paper describes the continuities and changes in the composition and activities of the Vinkovci elite during the Banovina of Croatia and the Independent State of Croatia. Based on archival sources and the local press, the lives and ideological aspirations of members of the local ideological and political elite in the observed period are reconstructed. The paper can be characterized as a case study or litmus paper for studying these changes in another time or in another area.
Starting from the assumption that the changes that affect the macro area in some way reflect on the micro level, it was investigated to what extent there was a change in the town's ruling elite. The main thesis of the paper has been confirmed. Changes occurred during both regimes, but differences in the intensity of these changes are significant.
The mayors of Vinkovci during the Banovina of Croatia were people close to the ruling Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), while after the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), the NDH authorities appointed a new mayor. There were also changes in the ideological elite of the town – manifested through the press and education system. For instance, the same weekly Hrvatski branik clashed with dissidents during both regimes. During the Banovina of Croatia, the editorial board did not hesitate to criticize some former officials with whom it did not share ideological beliefs, while during the Independent State of Croatia the new editorial board dealt with the political opponents in an even more striking way.

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elite; Vinkovci; Banovina Croatia; Independent State of Croatia; local elite; microhistory

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