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Consumer Ethnocentrism and the Influence of Selected Demographic Factors: A Comparative Study Among the Countries of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the Philippines

Marián Čvirik orcid id ; University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce
Emmanuel Dotong orcid id ; Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, College of Business Administration

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Purpose – The issue of consumer ethnocentrism is an important component of consumer behavior that must be considered in marketing activities as well as in the creation of strategies in international marketing. However, in a number of scientific studies, international comparison is lacking.
Design/Methodology/Approach – A total of 1478 respondents from the three investigated countries took part in a survey, applying a standardized method to measure consumer ethnocentrism (CETSCALE). Its whose reliability was verified using McDonald’s Omega. A one-way ANOVA test and a T-Test were performed for the purpose of verifying the established hypotheses on the basis of the research goal. At the same time, not only the existence but also the size of the effects was examined.
Findings and Implications – The basic goal was to investigate international differences in ethnocentric tendencies. Results of the survey point to differences in the rates of consumer ethnocentrism in selected countries. Likewise, the influence of demographic factors manifests itself differently.
Limitations – The study used a convenience sample, hence evidently lacking population structure. Although native speakers were consulted regarding the translation of the scale, there may have been some misunderstanding of the statements.
Originality – This study reveals differences in the level of consumer ethnocentrism in three countries as well as the possible influence of selected demographic factors. The international comparison represents a shift in the understanding of possible connections within ethnocentric consumer behavior.

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consumer ethnocentrism; CETSCALE; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Philippines;

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