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Learning from Pandemic Periods: Elements of the Theory of Behavioral Transformation

Sigitas Urbonavicius orcid id ; Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Vilnius University,
Karina Adomaviciute – Sakalauske ; Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Vilnius University

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Purpose – This research study develops a theoretical model of behavioral transformation by integrating contextual factors specific to the Covid-19 pandemic into the framework of the Theory of Planned Behavior, amended through the use of elements of the Regulatory Focus Theory.
Design/Methodology/Approach – A two-step approach is used to develop a model of behavioral transformation. First, the study analyzes a shift in buyers’ behavioral preferences from offline buying to online buying during the Covid-19 pandemic by conceptualizing barriers and opportunities, and identifying personal characteristics of consumers that foster or create resistance to online buying. Integration of these elements within the Theory of Planned Behavior and Regulatory Focus Theory is used to explain the mechanism of their interactions. Second, building on the model of such situational transformation, a more general model is devised, contributing to the development of the Theory of Behavioral Transformation.
Findings and Implications – This study contributes to future research by proposing a behavioral transformation
model that is applicable to a wide range of behavioral transformations in a variety of studies.
Limitations – While the theoretical model, propositions, and research questions developed in this paper serve as solid pillars for the Theory of Behavioral Transformation, its further development requires empirical evidence from further studies.
Originality – The present study employs a unique approach to the building of a theoretical model: it provides an in-depth analysis of behavioral transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic and broadens it to create a wider and more universal theoretical model. This results in the development of an original theoretical model that explains the overall mechanism of behavioral transformations.

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Covid-19; Regulatory Focus Theory; Theory of Planned Behavior; facilitators; distractors;

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