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Evaluation of the Virtual Reality Project in Bibliobus

Iva Grković orcid id ; Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Vinkovci
Klaudija Mandić ; Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Vinkovci
Vladimir Vranješević ; Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Vinkovci

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Purpose. The aim of the project evaluation was to assess the satisfaction of the
participants of the VR workshop in order to monitor and improve the quality of the Virtual
Reality Project in Bibliobus.
Approach/methodology. As the evaluation was carried out at the very beginning of the
project implementation and was based only on the opinions of the students who had
participated in the workshops within the Virtual Reality Project in Bibliobus, it was
necessary to create an evaluation questionnaire for teachers, professional staff and other
teaching staff who had also participated in the said workshops. The evaluation
questionnaire was created and evaluated using the Google Forms internet service. It was
created by librarians who were involved in the Virtual Reality in Bibliobus development
project from the beginning.
The results. The evaluation was completed by 40 adult participants in the workshops.
The analysis of the evaluation shows that the application of new technologies in the
implementation of the educational program is useful and that new technologies are highly
desirable in the educational process. Likewise, these types of workshops enable the
development of digital skills and the application of knowledge in practice.
Originality. Value. The presentation of the evaluation of the development of the Virtual
Reality Project in Bibliobus emphasizes the assessment of the project for its valorization,
but also provides an example of good practice in the design of library services aimed at
the digital inclusion of vulnerable social groups.

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digital divide, evaluation, mobile library, new technologies,Virtual reality in Bibliobus

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