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The self-destruction or the self-renewal of capitalism?

Todor Kuljić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu

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str. 131-140

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Could there be a suicide of capitalism? Are regimes devoid of abstinence, such as modern neoliberalism, convicted to spontaneous collapse because there is no danger to moderate them? Here were discussed some theses about the self-destruction of capitalism, but also some about capitalism's capacity for self-renewal. Most of the space is devoted to the book by Nancy Fraser, Cannibal capitalism. It is a form of economy and society that devours its own substance, destroys space with profitable investments, contaminate, and does not restore the destroyed nature. But capitalism also shows enviable regenerative abilities. The development forecasts are unreliable. Although contemporary capitalisms mutually feed on their own destructive crises that are recognisable, the structural macrotheoretical predictions of collapse are abstract. The individual courses of crises can be explained, but their permeation, coincidences, or the time of collapse of the entire system cannot be predicted. The combination of crises is unpredictable.

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Cannibal capitalism; Self-destruction; Self-renewal; Breakdown

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