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Acid Value Determination in Vegetable Oils by Indirect Titration in Aqueous-alcohol Media

Elena Kardash
Yakov I. Tur'yan

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A new method of acid value determination in vegetable oils has been developed. The method isbased on (a) simple, rapid and complete extraction of acids from an oil test portion into reagent(0.05 mol dm–3 triethanolamine (B) in the mixture of 50 % H2O + 50 % 2-PrOH) and (b) indirecttitration of acids in BH+ form against aqueous alkali in the presence of a phenolphthaleinindicator. Suitable metrological parameters of acid value determination have been obtained.The advantages of the method are (i) absence of a toxic solvent, (ii) extraction and titration ofacids at room temperature, and (iii) no need for preliminary neutralization of acid admixturesin a solvent.

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acid value, vegetable oils, indirect titration

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