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Programs of Professional Training of the Employed and Unemployed

Predrag BEJAKOVIĆ ; Institut za javne financije, Zagreb

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str. 175-198

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Professional training, retraining and additional training for
professions improve the educational level of the
unemployed, which is very important for their professional
mobility and possibility of being employed. These measures
also help the unemployed to use their leisure time in the best
way and to protect their existing knowledge and skills.
Appropriate programs for professional training are also
important as a measure against possible unemployment in
the future as well as balancing demand and supply for
work. Except professional training, many countries have
developed different social - psychological measures that can
help decrease the burden of long-lasting unemployment.
Due to the unfavorable financial situation in the Republic of
Croatia, active employment measures had to be
discontinued. The importance of professional training and
active employment measures is also stressed in the project
National Employment Policy accepted by the Croatian
Government. It could be argued that the so-called active
labor-market policies which include education and training
should concentrate on those aged 15-24 where
unemployment rates are highest (and, possibly, the payoff to
investment in human capital is greatest.). Second, for the
most part, training programs should be demand-led. But
such policies should be monitored to ensure that they are
cost-effective; that is, that the benefits exceed the costs-and
that the return is higher than in alternative uses of the

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