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Aleksandar Homadovski ; Arhitektonski fakultet, Zagreb

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str. 803-812

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Understanding, selective choice, interpretation and critical analysis
of the architectonics of high complexities comprise parts
of the mechanics of our own development of immaterial culture.
ln active search of a cognitively evaluative horizon, the formants
of the values of the high complexities paradigm are pointed out,
in whose background the project of Modernity remains open to
the history of cultures of respective identities. The historical forms
of the expression of plastic art are confirmed as well as the authors
who by means of artistic transposition anticipate the low entropic
potentials of the environment. Their credo, however, contributes
to the understanding of the civilizational unity of binomiai
nature and culture on the threshold of the 21st century. In the context
of profiling cultures, the span between globalization and 10-
calization of values has been emphasized, and also the authors
holding special significance for profiling certain groups of highly
complex value patterns have been designated. It is concluded that
the architectonics of a suppressed or open path are dimensioned;
through transpositional action of the artistic experiment between
the search for the essence of being and the concept of development
of "attractors" of the environmental field of events, thus leading
its protagonists towards mutual interdependence.

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