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D. Vincek ; Varaždinska županija Franjevački Trg 7, 42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska
M. Ernoić ; Varaždinska županija Franjevački Trg 7, 42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska
M. Posavi ; Center for Rapid Evolution, College of Letter and Science, UW Madison, 430 Lincoln Dr. Madison 53706, USA

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Despite the favorable conditions for milk production and rich natural resources, the number of cows and milk production in Varaždin County are constantly decreasing. A similar trend is present in other counties, and therefore Croatia is one of the few European countries that despite favorable conditions and very low consumption does not produce enough milk and beef for their own needs. Varaždin County is dominated by small farms, poor of land and capital, with low production and a small number of cows per farm. Namely, the average dairy farm size under milk recording and selection in Varaždin County is only 5.3 cows. Dominant production system is represented by small farms (1-3 cows per farm) with mixed animal production and the primary goal of satisfying their own needs. In 2001 there were 16350 cows in the County. This number declined to only 7500 cows in 2007 which is a decrease of 54%. The total annual milk production in the same period has also decreased, although not so drastically as the number of cows.
Family farms must be the basis of development of dairy and beef production in the County. By financing farmers for building modern dairy farms size from 20 to 100 cows, the expected goals would be achieved. Despite the rich natural resources and old cattle breeding tradition, milk production supplies only 14% of the total food industry capacity in the County. To increase the degree of self-sufficiency in milk and beef production in the next 10-year period the following projected structure of cattle production should be achieved: the average family farm size should be about 10 cows; the average milk yield should increase to about 4300 l milk per cow/year; total number of dairy cows should increase to 25700 while number of beef cows (in suckler herds) should increase to 1500 cows. This strategy would increase the average farm size to about 3 times, while milk yield would be increased by more than 500 liters on average per cow.

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Projection; family farms; Varaždin County

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