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Half a century of Croatian Philosophical Society as a research challenge

Goran Grgec ; Referalni centar za bioetiku u jugoistočnoj Europi, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The need to conduct systematic research on the history of the Croatian Philosophical Society has emerged after half a century of its activity. This kind of research should be carried out on three levels: factual, contextual, and conceptual. Given the fact that the mentioned research is only in its initial stage, this paper focuses on the factual level, trying to provide an organized overview of the key moments during the fifty-year-long history of the society. The structure of the paper is as follows:
– the foundation and organizational functioning of the society;
– project Praxis (journal Praxis and Korčula Summer School);
– project Filozofska istraživanja;
– South-eastern Europe bioethics cooperation project;
– annual scientific-cultural manifestations (The Days of Frane Petrić, The Lošinj Days of Bioethics, etc.);
– annual symposiums of the Croatian Philosophical Society;
– publishing activity;
– teaching philosophy and related subjects in secondary schools;
– international cooperation.

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Croatian Philosophical Society, Praxis, Filozofska istraživanja, The Days of Frane Petrić, bioethics, Metodički ogledi, teaching of philosophy

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