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Theleological and methodical premises and specific features of music therapy for children with authistic disorder related to teaching in regular schools

Aleksandra Kardum ; Centar za autizam, Split, Hrvatska

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Autism has not been cleared up yet enough. However, basic characteristics relevant to the teaching are: undeveloped intrasubjectivity as possibility of interpreting other’s emotions or mental conditions, impossibility to communicate using verbal and unverbal patterns, difficulties in expressing emotions, lack of understanding symbols, absence of “mind theorie”, established disposition of ritual behavior, unexpected and unappropriate reactions etc. It is obvious that music therapy should be adjusted to the specific perception of authistic child using methodical approach. Since educational programs have been created in accordance with developmental, psychomotor, perceptive and other characteristics of a child, it is necessary to organize the work with an autistic child in a similar way. Perhaps the methods, tasks, role and aims of the music will differ from, or even be contrary to the didactic design of teaching in regular schools. The question now is: should we completely give up some lectures and methods which are not recommended in regular schools because they are considered to be nonprofessional or dilettantish (problems of “program-music”, music as scenery or stimulus for dancing, musical stories, music as a relaxing medium, non-aesthetic listening – interpretation of emotions and experiencing music, connecting auditory and visual aspects into the context) or adjust and adapt them in the above mentioned conditions, to the benefit of communication and socialization and improvement of the psychomotor condition of the child.

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autism, music therapy, music culture, teaching, methods

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