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Philosophy of Praxis in the Rear-view Mirror of Mediology

Sead Alić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 555-565

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The crucial questions of this text are the following: How much has the praxis philosophy itself succumbed to the frames around its act of reflection, thinking and contemplation? Opposing the strong hierarchy of politics, has it used the well known methods of hierarchical self-preservation? How much was its call for revolution just an echo of times of (technological) revolutions? How much did the insisting on the concept of revolution influenced the creation of unhappy consciousness of their student’s generations, ready for changes, and stopped on the level of revolutionary interpretations of their professors’ theories? Finally, how much is McLuhan right when criticising Marx not seeing the changes that were happening right in the time he lived, not seeing that the industrial hardware created the environment (for the Marxists invisible) of the global information? The text explores how the technological frame determined the hierarchy, ideology of thinking and the form of criticism of this ideology.

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mediology, marxism as a strategy for emotions, praxis philosophy, technique, hierarchy, critique, media, philosophy of media, seduction, terrorism

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