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The Clash on the Theological Left. Or Marxist and Christian Again in Dialogue after Forty Years

Boris Gunjević ; Teološki fakultet Matija Vlačić Ilirik, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The author intends to reflect in this paper on text Marxist and Christian, which originated in the dialogue led in 1969 between Branko Bošnjak and Mijo Škvorc at the Student forum, which was a part of public lectures series entitled “On Religion”. The impulse for the meeting was provided by the publication of Branko Bošnjak’s Philosophy and Christianity. After the launch of the book, there was a very well attended forum followed by the publication of yet another book, Marxist and Christian. This brief text, consisting of no more than one hundred pages, has an indubitable importance for contemporary Croatian philosophical thought. The text is composed in such a way that it seems that both philosophers, respecting each other to the maximum, stepped out of their comfort zone and created a new space for and a new kind of dialogue at the time. That novel space has not been fulfilled yet, after nearly forty years. Marxism (Praxis Philosophy) and Christianity (Neo-Scholasticism) should continue the dialogue started back then even in the contemporary context of different post-modern ‘isms’. The last part of the paper attempts to show why the dialogue between Bošnjak and Škvorc, a Marxist and a Christian, is important still today, regardless of the fact that both Bošnjak’s and Škvorc’s discourse are in a kind of cultural defensive.

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dialogue, Marxism, Christianity, theology, philosophy, religion, mysticism, God, man

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