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Education and Teaching Related Activities of the Croatian Philosophical Society

Bruno Ćurko ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The Croatian Philosophical Society directs a part of its activities toward the philosophy of education and the problems of teaching. The instance best illustrating this is journal Metodički ogledi, specialized in the philosophy of education. Its range encompasses the teaching of not only philosophy, logic and ethics, but also other subjects, at primary, secondary or higher education levels. Journals Filozofska istraživanja and Synthesis philosophica publish papers from the field of education on a regular basis. Croatian Philosophical Society used to publish for a while journal named Logika, which dealt with the questions of teaching logic in schools. In the “Filozofska istraživanja” series, four books thematically related to the philosophy of education and philosophy teaching in schools have been published. The Society also organized two significant scientific conferences on the topic: Philosophy and Education (2000) and Philosophy and Education in Contemporary Society (2004, within the 13th Days of Frane Petrić). The latter resulted in the publication of the collected papers entitled Philosophy and Education in Contemporary Society, ed. Milan Polić (Hrvatsko filozofsko društvo, Zagreb 2006).
Special attention within the Society is given to teaching philosophical group of subjects (philosophy, logic, ethics). In addition to the fact that society members participated in designing curricula for the aforementioned subjects, the Society is the co-organiser of the regular school competitions in philosophy and logic. Also, the initiative to include Croatian students into the International Philosophical Olympiad had its roots in the Croatian Philosophical Society.

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Croatian Philosophical Society, philosophy of education, teaching philosophical group of subjects, methodics of philosophical group of subjects

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