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Characteristics of the lactation, chemical composition milk hygiene quality of the Littoral-Dinaric ass

Ante Ivanković orcid id ; Agronomski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jelena Ramljak
Ivana Štulina
Neven Antunac
Ivan Bašić
Nikolina Kelava
Miljenko Konjačić

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Milk production is one of the possible economic uses of donkey population. The Littoral- Dinaric donkey is numerous, but the structural changes in rural areas during the last decade have pushed it into a group of endangered genetic heritage. The aim of this research is to determine the production potential, lactation characteristics, chemical composition and hygienic quality of the Littoral-Dinaric ass milk. The average milk production was 172.12 mL per milking with the average fat percentage of 0.33 %, milk protein 1.55 %, and lactose 6.28 %. The low average number of somatic cells and bacterial count are noticed in ass’s milk (4.09 mL log-1; 3.58 mL log-1). A significant influence of lactation stage on the milk quantity and proportion of dry matter (P<0.01), as well on the proportion of milk fat and milk protein (P<0.05), was observed. Also the influence of the season on productivity, and the proportion of dry matter and milk fat (P<0001), as well as milk protein (P<0.01) was also significant. Productivity of the Littoral-Dinaric ass in the pasture system is relatively modest, but the direct and indirect benefits from this kind of production are multiple. That is the reason to continue the development of donkey milk production technology.

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milk ass, productivity, chemical composition, hygienic quality

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