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Judge and Constitutional democracy: dr. sc. Jadranko Crnić as a guardian of the constitution

Arsen Bačić

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As a long serving ‘guardian of the Constitution’ Dr. Jadranko Crnić in the best possible way has shown the core nature of the authority of constitutional justice in the political system of new Croatian Democracy. His deep and sincere belief in the rule of law was an inspiration to all those who, by defending and affi rming the constitution, fulfi l an important and sensitive role in the everyday implementation of constitutional policy. His prestigious function of president of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, the personal reputation which Dr. J. Crnić built over his long legal practice, the well thought out viewpoints which he held as a president and judge in relation to questions which arose in the Constitutional Court enabled Dr. J.Crnić to, in a specifi c way, represent that important institution. Temperance, experience and closeness to the professional brotherhood has converged J. Crnić’s actions into his recognisable style of personal, professional and social activism. Over many years Dr. Jadranko Crnić refl ects the relation of judge and democracy in the independent Republic of Croatia.

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judge, constitutional democracy, guardian of the constitution, Jadranko Crnić

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